Hux Racing Sponsoring Street Genesis Coupe


Hux Racing, a “Quality C.N.C. machining, fabrication, and automotive tuning for the end user or industry” is looking for a 2010 Genesis Coupe to sponsor! They are looking for people that will be active in the aftermarket community that will attend shows, drag events, and drift\road events. Click here to go to our forums and see the details, or click here to check out their website!

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  1. Hux Recing looking for Coupe to sponsor. - Forums - March 2, 2009

    [...] I’m assuming from their site that they are looking for a 2.0t, which aren’t out yet, obviously. Hux Racing Sponsoring Street Genesis Coupe Hux racing [...]

  2. mikealike - April 24, 2011

    I was looking for the relocation kit for the 3sgte to the other side of the block, do you still have them and by the way your site is down.

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